Listen to Mehdi Hasan sing the famous Ghazal " Ranjish hi sahi" based on Raga Yaman

Listen to the world famous violinist Kala Ramnath play a small composition in Raga Yaman

Program Coverage for Certification Workshop

Do you recall the famous song... Abhi na jaao chhod kar from the film Hum Dono ?

Also set to Raga Yaman


  Using Melody to Create Harmony

Albert Einstein, a great fan of Mozart, had learnt the violin and piano and was quite well informed on various composers.

He had in fact joked, that if wasn’t a physicist he would have loved to be a  musician.

What is so special about the arrangement of 7 notes that has the potential to evoke, arouse, touch and stimulate something so deep as an emotion and a feeling….. Even quantum physicists accept the harmonic semblance in numeric sequences that constitute all forms of matter.

If so.. can we use Melodic sequences to stimulate and re-align

- Dis-Chord

- Dis-Harmony

- Dis-Ease

Having been a student of Indian Classical Music and keenly aware that different combinations of notes in melodic scales can have an impact on emotions and feelings of people and combine this learning with Psychometric Tools.

Later, I completed a distance learning program in Music Therapy under license from Kerns University Austria, a Music Appreciation Course conducted by Pt Ravi Shankars student and a Master Training in Community Music Leadership from Amsterdam.

One of the things I learnt, is that this concept can be easily demystified and by using simple and effective techniques one can apply the principles of Music Therapy to people suffering from Migranes, to Mild Depression, in an individual or group capacity, as a therapy or as a non-invasive wellness initiative..

Yes a little appreciation for Music, is essential, with possibly even having some favorite likes, but I wouldn't want to stretch it  beyond that... if you are willing to learn new techniques and genuinely like to help people, this is the platform for us to connect.

Yours in-tune